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Cow waste disposal

Cow Waste Disposal

Cow waste management

Traditionally, cow manure has been used as a fertilizer or soil amendment, either directly as liquid manure (before or after anaerobic digestion) with irrigation water, or after solid manure has been composted. Manure is an excellent source of plant nutrients. It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, nutrients necessary for plant growth. This means that plants cannot grow without them.

Many dairy farmers own or lease farmland to grow feed for their cows to avoid additional costs. The manure comes from their own cattle and helps improve soil quality so more feed can be grown. In addition to fertilizer, manure can also be converted into compost. This is a good option when manure is not suitable for direct application to the land or there may not be enough land to accommodate the amount of manure available. Feces is a by-product, not waste. Compost differs from raw manure in that it releases nutrients more slowly, thus reducing the risk of nutrient loss. Composting also helps reduce odors associated with manure, is easier to handle because it is lighter, and provides another way to store manure until ready for use.

Cow manure small organic fertilizer production line

cow manure small organic fertilizer production line-2

Cattle farms produce a large amount of waste every year, with cow dung being a valuable organic material that can be used to produce high-quality organic fertilizers. However, if this cow dung is not properly processed, it can lead to a waste of resources. The use of a cow manure organic fertilizer production line is crucial in converting waste into organic fertilizer and making full use of resources. Regardless of the size of your cattle farm, our company provides various suitable cow manure treatment machine models for you to choose from. As an experienced fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we are dedicated to producing high-quality cow dung treatment machines to provide you with top-notch cow dung fertilizer.

How To Make Organic Fertilizers From Cow Dung In Small Plant?

1. Cow manure dewatering

Cow manure dewatering machine is a machine used to remove water or liquid substances from cow dung. During this process, the solids are completely separated for fermentation, which is then converted into effective fertilizer for the farm.

cow manure dewatering machine

2. Cow manure composting

This step usually involves mixing the collected cow manure with other organic matter (such as straw, wheat straw, etc.) to form a compost pile. The mixture is then transferred to the Livestock And Poultry Manure Fermentation Tank for fermentation. In this fermentation tank, by controlling parameters such as temperature, humidity and ventilation, an ideal microbial growth environment is created to promote the decomposition and transformation of cow dung and other organic matter. These microorganisms break down organic matter, producing heat and organic acids that speed up the compost maturation process. Through this step, the organic matter in cow manure is gradually converted into stable organic fertilizer, which is rich in nutrients and can be used for soil improvement and plant growth in farmland. The role of the Livestock And Poultry Manure Fermentation Tank is to provide a controlled environment to ensure effective fermentation and maturation of compost, thereby producing high-quality organic fertilizer and providing a sustainable source of nutrients for agricultural production.


3. Cow dung crushing

High-humidity cow dung material crusher can effectively break the cow dung particles into particles of appropriate size to facilitate the subsequent composting and fermentation process. The equipment has high efficiency, reliability and stability, capable of processing large amounts of cow dung material and ensuring uniform particle size after crushing. Through the grinding stage, the surface area of cow dung is significantly increased, which helps to improve the efficiency of microorganisms in the subsequent fermentation process, thereby better converting organic matter and ultimately producing high-quality organic fertilizer.


4. Cow dung pelleting

Disc granulator is a commonly used granulation equipment that granulates organic raw materials such as cow dung through the movement of a rotating disk. Its working principle is to put wet cow dung raw materials into a rotating disk. As the disk rotates, the cow dung raw materials are pressed into granular shapes, and finally form regular organic fertilizer particles. It has the advantages of high granulation efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation. It has fast granulation speed and strong production capacity, and is suitable for medium-sized production lines. The Disc Granulator can quickly convert moist cow manure into granular organic fertilizer, making it regular in shape and uniform in particle size, making it easy to store, transport and apply.

disc granulator

We also have three different types of pellet mills for you to choose from: rotary drum granulatorflat die pellet millring die pellet mill.

5. Cow dung packaging

In the final packaging stage of the cow dung organic fertilizer production line, efficiency and precision are paramount. That’s why we offer the cutting-edge Organic Fertilizer Automatic Packaging Scale, a state-of-the-art equipment designed to streamline and optimize the packaging process. With this advanced packaging scale, you can ensure accurate weighing and consistent packaging of your organic fertilizer products. Its automated operation eliminates human error and reduces packaging time, allowing you to maintain high productivity levels. Equipped with advanced technology, the packaging scale offers customizable settings to meet your specific packaging requirements, whether you’re packaging in bags, pouches, or other containers. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operation simple and hassle-free. From small-scale operations to large-scale production facilities, our Organic Fertilizer Automatic Packaging Scale is the perfect solution to enhance the efficiency and quality of your packaging process.

organic fertilizer automatic packaging scale

Why choose us?

ABC Machinery is a stable and reliable manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment. It has won wide recognition and trust for its professional technology and high-quality service.

  1. Our cow manure dehydrator can effectively separate liquid from solid manure. The moisture content of dehydrated cow dung can reach 30%-45%.
  2. Use our livestock and poultry manure fermentation tank to produce compost in just 7 days. In addition, it is suitable for adding bacteria to help the material ferment. Additionally, livestock and poultry manure fermentation tanks allow for better fermentation compared to traditional composting methods.
  3. ABC Machinery cow dung pellet machine requires powdery materials. Our cow dung grinder features a twin-rotor design that produces fine powder. Importantly, functional bacteria can be added to the powdered cow manure material while the pellet machine is running. This results in a highly fertile finished cow dung pellet. In addition, the pelleted cow dung makes the excrement uniform.
  4. Drying, cooling, screening, and coating machines help improve the quality of organic cow dung granular fertilizer.Our packaging machines are very efficient. Using this machine, you can get well-packaged and evenly weighted-fertilizer bags to facilitate your sales process.
rotary drum granulator
cow manure organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 50,000 tons
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