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High moisture raw material crusher machine

High moisture raw material crusher machine

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High moisture raw material crusher machine Introduction

High-moisture raw material crusher is a professional organic fertilizer machine used to process high-moisture and high-fiber materials such as chicken manure, sodium humate, sludge, and straw. The machine is suitable for a wide material moisture range and can cover moisture from 25% to 50%. Usually, it uses high-speed rotating blades for fine crushing. Its sturdy structure and advanced design ensure thorough and even crushing of raw materials. In addition, energy-efficient operation (using a power range from 22 kW to 45 kW depending on the model) helps save energy and extend the service life of the equipment. Overall machine dimensions vary from model to model to ensure adaptation to different operating requirements.

Features of Material Crusher Machine

(1) Superior Stability: The crusher achieves exceptional stability due to its rational structure and high-quality materials, ensuring continuous and reliable operation.

(2) Ideal Crushing Effect: Utilizing a dual-layer crushing system with varying emphases, it excels in achieving the perfect crushing effect, especially in fine crushing applications.

(3) Easy Operating: The crusher, featuring advanced technology, guarantees a positive operating experience. Its user-friendly design enables easy operation, managed by a single person. Additionally, refueling can be done without shutting down the machine.

(4) Long Service Life, Easy Maintenance: With wear-resistant, high-alloy hammerheads and bidirectional clearance adjustment, the crusher prolongs its service life. Bidirectional clearance adjustment allows the continued use of worn hammer slices by relocating them without immediate repair.

Technical Data of High Moisture Material Crusher

ModelProd Capacity (t/h)Particle Size (mm)Power (kw)Overall Dimension (L*W*H mm)

Working Principle of High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher

(1) Feeding: High-moisture raw materials, such as chicken manure, sludge, and other organic materials, are fed into the crusher through the feeding hopper.

(2) Crushing: The crusher, equipped with high-speed rotating blades or hammers, breaks down the high-moisture raw materials into smaller particles. The crushing process involves impact, shearing, and grinding.

(3) Adjustable Clearance: The crusher is designed with an adjustable clearance between the blades or hammers and the screen. This feature allows for control over the size of the crushed material.

(4) Screening: The crushed material passes through a screen or mesh, separating finer particles from larger ones. The size of the screen determines the final particle size of the crushed material.

(5) Discharge: The crushed material is discharged from the crusher through the bottom, either directly or through a conveyance system.


The key aspect of the high moisture fertilizer crusher is its ability to efficiently process materials with a moisture content ranging from 25% to 50%. The adjustable clearance and screening mechanism contribute to achieving the desired particle size for further processing in organic fertilizer production.

Application of High Moisture Raw Material Crusher Machine

The high moisture raw material crusher machine finds extensive application in various industries, particularly in organic fertilizer production. Its versatile design and efficient crushing capabilities make it well-suited for processing a variety of materials with high moisture content. Some key applications include:

Materials with high moisture content, such as zoo feces, sludge, etc.

Materials with high fiber content, such as straw, straw, etc.

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