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rotary drum dryer

rotary drum dryer

Rotary Drum Drying Machine

Rotary drum dryer is a dryer that handles large amounts of materials. Due to its reliable operation, great operating flexibility, strong adaptability, and large processing capacity, it is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, pharmaceutical, and mining industries.

 The rotary drum dryer is generally suitable for granular materials, and can also be used to dry sticky paste materials or materials with high moisture content by partially mixing the materials. Commonly used for drying sand, mineral powder, coal slime, chicken manure, cow manure, etc.

Rotary Drum Dryer for Sale

rotary drum dryer

ABC Machinery Rotary Drum fertilizer dryer is fully customizable to meet material processing needs. The drum is angled slightly (2-5 degrees) to use gravity for material flow. As it rotates, lifting flights efficiently move the material through the air, maximizing heat transfer. 

Our Rotary Dryer is known for its simplicity, low energy use, durability, uniform drying, and easy maintenance. It’s widely used in agriculture, feed, and fertilizer industries for materials like straw, organic mixed fertilizer, fish meal, and more. It’s especially suitable for drying fertilizer in organic fertilizer production with specific temperature and particle size requirements.

Technical Parameters of Rotary Drum Dryer

ModelSG2010SG 2210SG 2510SG 2512SG 2912
Output Capacity(t/d)63.5-144.567.5-154.083.5-193.0100-227.0120.0-268.0
Early moisture(%)35-60%
Final moisture(%)12-15%
Drying temperature270ºC±3
Total motor power(kw)7885110125135
Total weight(kg)2500027000350003800043500
Plant area(m)8m*18m10m*18m10m*18m10m*20m10m*20m

Working Principle of Rotary Drum Dryer

  • The Rotary Drum Dryer works with a rotating body containing lifting plates, a transmission device, support equipment, and a sealing ring. Wet material enters the dryer through a hopper, connected by a belt conveyor or bucket elevator. A slanted feeding pipe ensures smooth material flow.
  • Inside the slightly inclined cylinder, material enters at the higher end, while the heat carrier enters at the lower end, moving in a counter-current manner. As the cylinder rotates, gravity guides the material toward the lower end. During this process, the wet material is exposed to direct or indirect heat from the carrier, leading to drying. Finally, dried material exits through a discharge end, typically using a belt or screw conveyor.
rotary drum dryer

Features of Rotary Drum Dryer:

rotary drum dryer
application of organic fertilizer Granulator
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