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Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank

output reach 4~5 ㎡ per day
organic fertilizer fermentation tank

Specializing in The Production of Fermentation Tank

Our goal is to provide all customers with the organic fertilizer fermenter that best meets their needs. Therefore, all our fermentation tank models are customizable.

high temperature aerobic fermentation tank

High-Temperature Aerobic Fermentation is a powerful process that breaks down a wide range of organic materials using elevated temperatures in an oxygen-rich environment. The tank handles diverse waste like straw, soybean meal, agricultural residues, and industrial waste, accelerating composting, and microbial activity.

livestock and poultry manure fermentation tank

The Livestock and Poultry Manure Fermentation Tank is a versatile solution capable of efficiently processing a wide range of organic materials, including animal manure and animal carcasses from various sources such as chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep, and horses. Its adaptable design allows it to handle different types and quantities of waste, making it an essential tool for agricultural facilities, livestock farms, and waste management centers.

food waste fermentation tank

The Food Waste Fermentation Tank is a specialized system designed to efficiently process and recycle food waste, including kitchen waste generated from households, restaurants, and food processing facilities. This innovative fermentation tank provides a sustainable solution to the growing problem of food waste disposal while contributing to environmental preservation and resource conservation.

urban sludge fermentation tank

The Urban Sludge Fermentation Tank is an essential infrastructure designed to efficiently handle and treat urban sludge, including river silt, sewer silt, and other organic waste collected from wastewater treatment plants and urban waterways. This specialized fermentation tank plays a crucial role in sustainable waste management and environmental protection by converting potentially harmful sludge into valuable resources.

We Only Make Valuable Fermentation Tank

What is the principle of organic fertilizer fermentation?

  • Stage 1: Optimal aeration and water control lead to high oxygen absorption, generating high temperatures in the compost heap. Degradable volatile solids decrease, odor diminishes, and the compost’s color gradually changes.
  • Stage 2: Temperatures decrease, the oxygen absorption rate slows down, and the odor completely disappears. The second composting stage is crucial as it breaks down refractory organic matter, reestablishes mesophilic microbial colonies, promotes the decomposition of organic manure, reduces phytotoxic substances, and inhibits pathogenic bacteria.

application of organic fertilizer Granulator

The Superiority Of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Machine

  • High-temperature aerobic fermentation, using high-temperature biological bacteria technology, low energy consumption and low operating costs;
  •  The equipment occupies a small area and has a high degree of automation, and the fermentation process can be completed under the control of one person;
  • Through the biological deodorization equipment, the emission of gas reaches the standard, and no secondary pollution is generated;
  •  The main body of the equipment is made of special stainless steel material, which reduces corrosion and has a long service life;
  • The heat preservation design of the main body and auxiliary heating ensure the normal operation of the equipment in low temperature environment;
  •  The treated domestic sludge, kitchen waste, and livestock and poultry manure are used to process organic fertilizers to realize resource utilization.
organic fertilizer fermentation tank-structure

Technical parameters of organicl fertilizer tank

Tank height8440 mmTank diameter5500 mm
Tank volume height3900 mmMinimum floor area55 m³
Tank volume86 m³Bottom blower11*2 km. h
Treatment capacity7~10 m³/dayOutput3~4.5 m³/day
Daily water consumption1m³(kw.h)Power Supply380V50Hz
Hopper volume1.35Hydraulic station7.5+2.2 kw
Induced draft fan3 km/hSpray Tower1.5 kw/h
Auxiliary heater4 km/hDischarge device2.2 kw/h
Installed Power43.5Operating powerAbout 25 kw/h

Fermentation Tank Components

The entire equipment structure is divided into three parts, the lower base part is distributed with hydraulic station, vortex air pump, oil cylinder, heating system and stirring shaft, etc. The middle part is a double-layer heat-insulated tank, equipment automatic control system, and export device. 

The inner wall of the tank is lined with 304 stainless steel plate, which effectively prolongs the life of the tank and reduces the residue of rotting clinker. There is an insulation layer filled with polyurethane foaming agent in the middle.

 The outer shell is connected with a thickened steel plate to support the tank body. The upper part is composed of wind and rain shed, testing platform and exhaust facilities and other devices. Auxiliary equipment includes automatic tipping bucket elevator, waste gas filtration and deodorization system charging and heat exchange system device.

organic fertilizer fermentation tank structure1
organic fertilizer fermentation tank structure2
organic fertilizer fermentation tank structure3

Custom-Designed Fermentation Tank for sale

fermentation tank

It can be customized based on your needs, including dimensions, material, and features.


It is made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure long life and easy maintenance.

fermentation tank
Safety Measures

Safety prioritized in design. Emergency shut-off & protocols for accidents prevention & operator well-being.

Why Choose ABC Machinery

Professional production of organic fertilizer equipment
Experienced technical team
The company is strong in technology
Remote technical support & on-site service

Selection of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank

The choice of the organic fertilizer fermentation tank depends on our experience and testing facilities, allowing engineers to assess granulation feasibility economically. We research alternative granulation methods for organic materials. Below are some options for fermentation tanks.

Large Scale Energy Save Livestock Waste Kitchen Waste Sludge Disposal Tank
Model Number:11FFG-90
Power: 11FFG-102 Installed 43KW, running 26KW
Samples: 11FFG-90 25-30 KW
Customization: Customized packaging (Min.order 1 set)
Animal Manure Composting Fertilizer Chicken Manure Fermentation Tank
Model Number:11FFG-102
Power: 11FFG-102 Installed 43KW, running 26KW
Samples: 11FFG-90 25-30 KW
Customization: Customized logo(Min. order 5 sets)
Urban Sludge Fermentation Tank
Model Number:11FFG-160
Power: 11FFG-102 Installed 43KW, running 26KW
Samples: 11FFG-90 25-30 KW
Customization: Customized packaging (Min.order 1 set)
Animal Manure Processing Facility Chicken Manure Recycling Machine
Model Number:11FFG-280
Power: 11FFG-102 Installed 43KW, running 26KW
Samples: 11FFG-90 25-30 KW
Customization: Customized packaging (Min.order 1 set)
Best Composting Composter Machine Industrielle Animal Waste Composting Machine
Model Number:FDJ-L2400
Power: R4102-48/60KW
Samples: R4102-48/60KW
Customization: Customized logo(Min. order 5 sets)
Fermentation Tank Cow Manure Machine For Organic Home Custom Fermenter Tank
Model Number:11FFG-90
Power: 25-30 KW
Samples: 11FFG-90 25-30 KW
Customization: Customized logo(Min. order 5 sets)
Livestock and Poultry Manure Fermentation Tank
Model Number:11FFG-110
Power: 25-30 KW
Samples: 11FFG-90 25-30 KW
Customization: Customized logo(Min. order 5 sets)
Fermentation Tank Fertilizer Machine Organic Compost Manufacturing Machines
Model Number:11FFG-145
Power: 40-45 KW
Samples: 11FFG-90 25-30 KW
Customization: Customized logo(Min. order 5 sets)
Our certifications

It has a number of independent invention patents and utility model patents. Passed the CE certification of the European Union and was selected as a cultivated enterprise in Henan Province in 2018-2020.

Return On Investment Of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Machine

Unlocking the Power of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation:

Investing in organic fertilizer fermentation tanks not only contributes to environmentally friendly farming practices but also promises attractive returns on investment. Our cutting-edge fermentation technology efficiently transforms organic materials into nutrient-rich fertilizers, catering to the growing demand for organic produce worldwide.

  1. Reduced Fertilizer Expenses
  2. Enhanced Crop Yield and Quality
  3. Sustainable Revenue Streams
  4. Environmental Stewardship
  5. Long-Term Viability
Case Study: A Closer Look at ROI

Imagine a farm investing $15,000 in an Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Machine. In the first year alone, the machine saves $4,000 in synthetic fertilizer expenses and boosts crop revenue by $7,000. Over five years, the savings and increased revenue accumulate, leading to a complete return on investment. The Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Machine not only pays for itself but becomes a source of ongoing profit.


ABC Machinery offers comprehensive assistance to customers worldwide throughout the entire process of machine, plant, or project acquisition. Should you have inquiries or require assistance, our dedicated support service is at your disposal. A skilled sales manager will promptly connect with you to address any questions or concerns, ensuring you receive the necessary support.

Minimum Installation Time

At ABC Machinery, we prioritize your time and project deadlines. Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in our minimum installation time guarantee.

Customized Service Level And Maintenance Programs

Our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions extends to offering personalized service levels and comprehensive maintenance programs.

Training Of Your Personnel, On-site, And Remote

Our experienced trainers will guide your personnel through hands-on training at your location, ensuring they are well-versed in the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of our machinery.

Supply Of Our Own, Original Quality, Spare Parts

Our commitment to quality ensures that every component we provide is meticulously crafted and rigorously tested to meet the exact specifications of our equipment.

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