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rotary drum cooler

rotary drum cooler

Introduction of Rotary Drum Cooler

Organic fertilizer coolers are essential equipment in the production of organic fertilizers. These machines play a crucial role in reducing the temperature of freshly produced organic fertilizers, preventing nutrient loss, and ensuring the final product’s quality. 

Organic fertilizer coolers operate by utilizing various cooling techniques, such as forced air cooling or indirect cooling, to efficiently lower the temperature of the material. This not only enhances the overall nutrient value but also facilitates proper storage and packaging of the organic fertilizers, making them ready for distribution and application in agriculture and horticulture.

rotary drum cooler

Features of Fertilizer Rotary Cooling Machine

  1. Compact structure, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance for reliable performance.

  2. Various models or customization options are available.

  3. Adjustable cylinder rotation speed to meet your needs.

  4. High-quality wear-resistant materials ensure extended machine lifespan.

  5. Strong adaptability for a wide range of granule sizes.

  6. Optimized distribution and angle of lifting plates maximize heat transfer, improving cooling efficiency and uniformity.

Technical Data of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Cooling Machine

ModelOverall Dimensions     L x W x H(mm)Prod Capacity (t/h)Power  (kw)Temperature(℃)Discharge Temperature(℃)Shell Inclination(°)

Working Principle of Rotary Drum Dryer

The Rotary Drum Cooler is a type of convection cooling equipment. As the slightly slanted drum rotates, it imparts the same motion to the fertilizer inside. Lifter mechanisms installed on the inner wall of the cylinder continuously elevate the granular materials, allowing them to fall under gravity, and creating a uniform material flow. 

Subsequently, these materials come into contact with the cool air drawn in by an induced draft fan, facilitating a heat exchange that lowers their temperature. The now-cooled materials exit from the lower end of the rotary drum, ready for further processing using a rotary drum screener.

rotary drum cooler

Structure and Materials of Rotary Drum Cooling Machine

  1. Raw Material Feed: Introduces material into the cooler.

  2. Riding Ring: Supports and guides drum movement.

  3. Lifting Flights: Lift and cascade material for cooling, prevent sticking.

  4. Ring Gear: Part of the drive system, rotates the drum.

  5. Discharge: Controls material exit, ensures smooth flow.

  6. Breeching: Connects hot inlet to the cooling section.

  7. Trunnion: Supports drum rotation.

  8. Wheel: Facilitates smooth drum rotation.

  9. Drive Assembly: Includes motor, gearbox, drives drum rotation.

  10. Product Discharge: Releases cooled product for further processing or storage.

rotary drum cooler structure

application of organic fertilizer Granulator

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