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Organic fertilizer coating machine

Fertilizer Coating Machine

Fertilizer in pellet form
Organic fertilizer in powder
Fertilizer in ball form

Introduction of Drum Coating Machine

The organic fertilizer coating machine adopts a unique spraying process combining liquid raw materials with solid powder, allowing it to form a protective film on the surface of compound fertilizer particles, isolating them from the external air, and effectively preventing the clumping of compound fertilizer. Additionally, this machine can enhance the surface brightness of the particles and moderately introduce trace elements to enhance the fertilizer’s effectiveness.


Technical Parameters of Fertilizer Coating Machine

Production Capacity (t/h)2-43-55-8
Power (kw)7.51115
Barrel Internal Diameter (m)
Barrel Length (mm)400060007000
Barrel Inclination (m)333

Features of Rotary Drum Coating Machine

fertilizer coating machine

Structure of Fertilizer Coating Machine


Hopper/Feeder System:

  • The machine usually begins with a hopper that holds the granular fertilizer to be coated. A feeder system is responsible for regulating the controlled discharge of the fertilizer into the coating drum.

Coating Drum:

    • The heart of the fertilizer coating machine is the coating drum. It is a rotating cylindrical vessel where the actual coating process takes place. The drum is often equipped with internal baffles to ensure thorough mixing and coating.

Spraying System:

  • A spraying system is mounted inside the coating drum. It consists of nozzles or spray arms that evenly distribute the coating material onto the surface of the granules. The coating material can be a liquid solution or a powder depending on the application.

Heating/Cooling System:

  • Some coating machines may include a system for controlling the temperature inside the coating drum. This can be important for certain coating materials or processes that require specific temperature conditions.

Air Handling System:

  • An air handling system may be incorporated to help dry the coated granules, especially if a liquid coating material is used. It can also assist in controlling the dust generated during the coating process.

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