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What Factors Will Affect The Granulation Effect Of Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer granulator

Material cause analysis

  • Moisture: Before granulation, the material is usually in powder form. To form particles, an appropriate amount of moisture needs to be added for coagulation. If too much moisture is added, the particles will become larger, and if too little moisture is added, the particles will be smaller. Therefore, this also tests the skill level of the granulator. Different granulators have different skill requirements for granulators. For example, disc granulators have higher skill requirements, while drum granulators have relatively lower skill requirements.
  • Material fineness: The fineness of the material will directly affect the shape of the particles. The finer the material, the rounder the particles, and conversely, the coarser the material, the more irregular the particles.
  • Stickiness: The raw materials of organic fertilizer usually include livestock manure, straw, garden waste, etc. These raw materials have poor stickiness. In order to improve the viscosity of the particles, some fillers with strong viscosity, such as bentonite, can be added.

Analysis of granulator

The choice of granulator is also an important factor affecting the pelletization rate and particle regularity. Common granulators are mainly rotary drum granulator, disc granulator flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill, etc.

  • The granules formed by the disc granulator are round, not very regular, and vary in size. They are generally masterbatch.
  • The granules formed by the double-roller extrusion granulator and the flat-die granulator are cylindrical. Due to the use of a mold, the particle size is relatively uniform.
  • The granules formed by the drum granulator and drum stirring granulator are also round, and the size has a great relationship with the added moisture.

In the field of organic fertilizer production, the granulator is a key equipment and is essential for improving production efficiency and product quality. There are currently four best-selling pellet mill types on the market, which are rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, flat die pellet mill, and ring die pellet mill.

Main technical parameters:

Capacity(t/h): 1~20

Types: Rotary Drum Granulator; Disc Granulator; Flat Die Pellet Mill; Ring Die Pellet Mill

Application:Livestock manure; Food waste; Mushroom residue; Municipal sludge; Crop straw

Rotary drum granulator can fully mix the raw materials and ensure the consistency and stability of the granules. At the same time, the drum granulator has the advantages of high productivity and low energy consumption, and can meet the needs of large-scale production. Disc granulator has an adjustable disc tilt that allows you to adjust the size of the granules as needed. It has a compact structure and is suitable for small production sites with limited space. It is easy to operate and maintain. Flat die pellet mill is characterized by its simple operation, and the operators only need to receive simple training to get started. This machine is suitable for operators of all skill levels and is ideal for small production sites. Ring die pellet mill is suitable for large-scale production that pursues high output and efficiency, and can meet high-demand production needs.

flat die pellet mill

  • Choose a formal company. The balling rate of granulators produced by regular enterprises is generally more than 90%, while the balling rate of small manufacturers will be much lower.
  • Use a round polishing machine. If you have high requirements for the regularity of the particles, you can use a rounding machine after the granulation is completed to roll the particles into balls at one time without returning material. The balling rate is high, the strength is good, and it is beautiful and practical.
  • Hire high-tech granulators. The granulator plays a very important role in the granulation effect, so the requirements for the granulator’s granulation technology are very high.

No matter which compost equipment you choose, ABCMachinery can develop a feasible plan for you.


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