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Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line

powder production line flow chart

Main Parameters of Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line:

Special customization: Yes
Raw materials: livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, sewage sludge, etc.

Powder organic fertilizer production line details:

The powdered organic fertilizer production line is a relatively simple production solution, mainly used to process raw materials with high water content, such as pig manure and distiller grains. The process of this production line does not include complex processes such as fertilizer granulation, drying, and cooling, so the equipment required is relatively small, including organic fertilizer fermentation tanks, compost turners, organic fertilizer crushers, rotary drum screener, belt conveyors, and double-shaft mixers. , automatic packaging machine, etc.

To process raw materials with high water content, you can also consider adding a solid-liquid separator. Its specifications and prices vary depending on the model, ranging from a few thousand to ten or twenty thousand dollars.


In brief, the price of such a simple powdered organic fertilizer production line is relatively affordable, with a starting capital of approximately USD 15,000, and a reasonable investment range between USD 15,000 to USD 45,000. The choice of equipment configuration should be based on specific production needs and raw material characteristics to ensure the efficient operation of the production line.

Powdered fertilizer production process:

1. Raw material ratio: Add animal manure, bacterial residue, bacterial strains, and, various auxiliary materials according to the proportion of organic fertilizer formula. If the moisture is high, you can add some straw and rice husk to reduce the moisture ratio.

2. Compost: One way is to put the proportioned raw materials into the organic fertilizer fermentation tank for fermentation. Another way is according to the size of the compost turner, adjust the length, width, and height of the pile to facilitate the compost-turning work of the compost turner.

Organic fertilizer fermentation tank case-April 26, 2018 Dezhou, Shandong
Organic fertilizer fermentation tank

3. Add bacteria: Generally, 1kg of bacteria can ferment 10 to 20 tons of feces and straw. If the fermentation volume is large at one time, it can be evenly mixed with a double-shaft horizontal mixer and then spread into the pile according to the number of piles. surface.

4. Pile turning fermentation: One way is when using organic fertilizer fermentation tanks for fermentation, attention should be paid to maintaining a suitable fermentation temperature, usually between 50°C and 65°C. The fermentation cycle is about a week.
Another way is to use a trough-type pile turner to turn the strip pile. When the temperature rises to above 55°C, turn the pile every 1 to 2 days. The fermentation time is at least 15 to 30 days.

5. Crushing: The fermented organic fertilizer will agglomerate and can be further crushed through an organic fertilizer crusher to meet the fineness requirements of the finished organic fertilizer powder.

6. Screening: As a commercial powdered organic fertilizer, our powdered organic fertilizer must be uniform in thickness. To avoid the appearance of aniseed, a drum screening machine is used to return the unqualified fertilizer to the organic fertilizer crusher for secondary crushing.

7. Packaging: After the qualified powdered organic fertilizer is bagged by the automatic packaging machine, it can be stored in the warehouse or sold directly.

fertilizer crusher
fertilizer crusher

After these 7 steps, you can produce powdered organic fertilizer. Of course, if you want to make powdered organic fertilizer that meets the standards, you also need to measure the organic matter composition of fermented manure and straw fertilizer and add nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content. At the same time, you also need to adjust the proportion of auxiliary materials such as straw to determine the various content formulas of organic fertilizer.

Powdered organic fertilizer related equipments:

Serial NoEquipment NameModelInstalled Capacity (kw)QuantityRemarks
1Compost Turner3m15+1.51 
2Semi-Wet Material CrusherModel 40221 
3Mixing Machine700×15007.51 
4Rotary Drum Screen1×3m31 
5Belt ConveyorB5003×33L=8m
6Finished Product Warehouse1M3 1 
7Powder Packaging Machine 2.21 
organic fertilizer production line successful cases
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