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Horizontal Double Shaft Chain Fertilizer Crusher

Production Capacity


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Introduction of Horizontal Double Shaft Chain Fertilizer Crusher

Horizontal double-shaft chain fertilizer crusher is an organic fertilizer equipment professionally used for fertilizer crushing. Through the operation of double horizontal shafts, equipped with powerful chains and sharp blades, the crusher can completely crush all types of raw materials efficiently and evenly, ensuring the smooth progress of the subsequent granulation process.

Our horizontal double-shaft chain fertilizer crusher is suitable for crushing a variety of organic fertilizer materials such as grains, straw, fish meal, sludge, etc. with a moisture content of approximately 14%. It is suitable for organic fertilizer plants of any size.

Horizontal Fertilizer Crusher Technical Data

Production Cap (t/h)5010
Power (kw)55 (kw) x 211 (kw) x 2
Particle Size of
Feeding Materials (mm)
≤ 200≤ 100
Particle Size of
Discharging Materials (mm)
≤ 2.5≤ 5
Main MaterialStraight Carbon SteelStraight Carbon Steel
Weight (ton)≈ 5≈ 2.5

Horizontal Double Shaft Fertilizer Crusher Advantages

(1) The chain is made of high-strength and wear-resistant alloy material, and the bearings are strong and durable.
(2) The powder particles are fine and uniform and difficult to adhere to the crushing chamber.
(3) Simple operation, fast speed, high efficiency and large crushing capacity.
(4) The advanced drum design ensures enough space for complete crushing.
(5)Easy to maintain and suitable for continuous work.

Double Shaft Fertilizer Crusher Structure

Horizontal Double Shaft Fertilizer Crusher FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions and their answers about using Horizontal Double Shaft Fertilizer Crusher for your reference:

Why choose the Horizontal Double Shaft Fertilizer Crusher?

This crusher offers advantages such as high efficiency, large capacity, and uniform crushing. It is suitable for various fertilizer manufacturing processes, enhancing production efficiency.

The Horizontal Double Shaft Fertilizer Crusher is suitable for organic fertilizer raw materials with moderate moisture content, including straw, manure, biomass, and more.

The machine is powered by an electric motor and utilizes the rotation of double horizontal shafts and chains to crush raw materials into uniform powder, which is then discharged through the bottom outlet.

Common issues may include unusual noises or vibrations. Promptly stop the machine, inspect and clean it, and replace worn-out components. Refer to the user manual for specific troubleshooting methods.

The maintenance frequency depends on usage and workload. It is generally recommended to follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance.

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