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Fertilizer Cage Crusher

Dust-free Cage Mill

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Introduction of Dust-free Cage Mill

Dust-free cage mill is a medium-sized horizontal cage grinder, specially designed for grinding organic fertilizer raw materials with a moisture content of less than 40%. The crusher is equipped with an advanced cyclone device.

The cyclone device can not only effectively reduce the generation of dust and ensure a clean working environment, but also improve the safety of production operations. The dust generated during the crushing process has always been a concern for investors, and the cyclone device of the dust-free cage crusher successfully solved this challenge.

In addition to the unique cyclone device, the cage crusher also has moderate size and strong adaptability, and can effectively process a variety of organic fertilizer raw materials, including those with higher hardness particles. Greatly improve operating efficiency.

Features of Dust-Free Cage Crusher


(1) Silent, vibration-free, and noise-free working environment ensures you can work efficiently in comfortable conditions.
(2) The body is compact, runs smoothly, and takes up less space.
(3) This fertilizer grinder is easy to operate and has wide applicability. Anyone can easily learn how to operate it without worrying about safety issues.
(4) It has powerful functions and can produce a variety of different product specifications by adjusting the crusher speed.
(5) Made of high-strength and durable carbide materials to ensure the long service life of the equipment.

Technical Parameter of Materials Crusher

Overall Dimension (L*W*H)1380X1350X1260 mm2200X1750X1850 mm
Production Capacity1-3 t/h2-5 t/h
Power (2 motors)15+15 kw22+18.5 kw
Rotating Speed2000(r/min)2000(r/min)

Working Principle of Cage Organic Fertilizer Crusher

  1. The crusher uses an electric motor as the power source and is mounted on a strong iron bracket with a rotor inside.
  2. Through the deceleration system, the rotor can achieve normal rotation and at the same time drive the operation of the central separation drum. The central separation cylinder is composed of multiple flat rings and is in a descending state.
  3. The raw materials enter the crusher in the form of large particles, just like water. These raw materials are then processed in a spinning process.
  4. During the rotation, dust particles are thrown toward the inner wall of the outer cylinder at no speed. This process is similar to dust being pushed outward by centrifugal force.
  5. Under the action of gravity, the dust particles fall along the wall of the outer cylinder and are discharged from the discharge port through the dust collector. This design ensures no dust is generated while keeping the crushing port open.
What should you pay attention on when cage mill crusher works?

There are some issues you need to pay attention to when using a fertilizer cage crusher. Therefore, we will provide some suggestions for you to consider.

The moisture content of raw materials is less than 20%.

Crushing materials requires moderate humidity. If it exceeds 20%, it will be difficult for the cage crusher to move. And the speed can slow down very quickly. Also, there is no size screen to prevent it from sticking together. And, that’s not good for our fertilizer cage crushers either. Therefore, material dehydration is a very important process before crushing.

The gap between the rollers determines the size of the crushed material. With the gap so close, the broken material is much smaller. On the contrary, the further the gap is, the larger the broken material will be.

Clean the discharge port of the crusher regularly to prevent material accumulation from affecting work efficiency. Ensure smooth discharge and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Control the delivery rate of materials to avoid overload operation. Ensure uniformity of feed to prevent excess or insufficient material from negatively affecting the crusher.

Depending on the specific type of material being processed, the speed and settings of the crusher can be adjusted to achieve the best crushing results.

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