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self-propelled compost fertilizer turner

Self propelled compost turner

Production Capacity



2200 (r/min)

Turning Height


Introduction of Self-propelled Wheel Windrow Turner

Self-propelled compost turning machine is designed with advanced technology and can convert agricultural waste, manure, and other organic waste into ideal bio-organic fertilizer. It adopts a four-wheel drive design, requiring only one person to operate, making it easy and convenient. When the machine starts working, the rotating blade axis crosses the strip-shaped compost, mixing and blending the materials. The operation is not limited to open areas but is also suitable for workshops and greenhouse environments. One of the technical breakthroughs of this machine is the integration of crushing function, which effectively crushes the lumps formed in the fertilizer during the material dehydration process, thus improving crushing efficiency and reducing costs. The self-propelled organic fertilizer turner solves the problem of production capacity limitation in traditional compost turners due to crusher constraints.

Technical Data of Self-propelled Compost Windrow Turner

Width of the pile2000mm2300mm3200mm
Height of the pile500-800mm600-1000mm1300-1600mm
Plies distance0.5-1m0.5-0.8m0.8-1m
Power33hp(water-cooling, electric start)58hp(water-cooling, electric start)150hp(water-cooling, electric start)
Processing capacity400-500m³/h500-700m³/h1000-1500m³/h
Driving mode3 gear forward, 1gear backward3 gear forward, 1gear backwardcrawler walking, spot steering

Working Principle of Compost Turner Machinery

Self-propelled compost fertilizer turner-1
Self-propelled compost fertilizer turner-2
  1. Self-propelled Compost Windrow Turner adopts chain drive and is equipped with a rolling support frame to ensure low resistance and high energy-saving compost turning process.
  2. The support frame is equipped with a flexible tensioning and elastic damping system to ensure efficient operation of the drive system and working parts.
  3. During the turning process, the materials stay on the support frame for a long time and are then thrown to a higher position, allowing the materials to absorb air and easily reduce humidity fully.
  4. Horizontal and vertical movement allows the machine to complete compost turning operations in any position.
  5. The lifting and lowering of working parts is controlled by the hydraulic system to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  6. The movement of the machine can be controlled remotely to improve the operating environment.
  7. Optional trough spreaders, automatic unloading devices, solar fermentation chambers, and ventilation systems are also available.

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Features of Self-propelled Compost Windrow Turner

  1. Self-propelled Compost Windrow Turner has the characteristics of reliable performance, easy operation, durability, suitable for various working sites, and simple maintenance.
  2. Adopt advanced fermentation technology and use microbial aerobic fermentation to provide a good fermentation environment for fermenting bacteria and maximize their function.
  3. The mechanism and process requirements are more suitable for microbial fermentation. Materials mixed with livestock manure, microbial preparations, and straw can be applied evenly or in appropriate amounts, providing a good aerobic environment for material fermentation.
  4. The price is competitive, the investment threshold is low, and it is easy to meet public needs and attract more people to buy and use.
  5. Low energy consumption, balanced power, and large output significantly improve the performance of the compost mixer and reduce the cost of organic fertilizer production. Even the smallest model can process 400-500m³ of fresh cow dung, and the factory only requires 4 to 5 workers, giving it a price advantage.

Application of the Self-propelled Compost Fertilizer Turner

organic fertilizer raw materials
  1. Self-propelled compost turners are widely used for the fermentation treatment of organic materials such as animal manure, household garbage, sludge, and crop straw.
  2. This compost turner has the advantages of easy operation, short fermentation cycle, sufficient fermentation, and less pollution.
  3. Self-propelled organic fertilizer compost turner regularly stirs, crushes, and decomposes organic matter under aerobic conditions. It has shredding features that save time, labor, and money.
  4. Using self-propelled compost turners can significantly improve the production efficiency and product quality of organic fertilizer production plants.
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