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hydraulic compost turner for sale

Hydraulic Compost Turner

Production Capacity




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Introduction of Hydraulic Compost Turner

Hydraulic compost turner we sell is mainly used for various animal manure, sludge waste, bone meal, straw residue, horticultural plantations, and other organic waste. Our hydraulic compost turners are designed to process up to 3000m³/h of compost, depending on the type and size of the turner. The hydraulic compost turner has low price, high fermentation rate, high efficiency, and good performance. It is a trustworthy fertilizer machinery in aerobic fermentation.

Technical Data of Hydraulic Compost Turner

Width of the pile3000mm4300mm5300mm
Height of the pile1400mm1800-2000mm2300-2500mm
Plies distance0.5-1m0.5-1m0.8-1m
Production capacity1000-1200m³/h1500-2000m³/h2500-3000m³/h
Driving modeHydraulic systemHydraulic drive, crawler walking,
spot steering
Hydraulic drive, crawler walking,
spot steering

Working Principle of Hydraulic Compost Turner

hydraulic compost turner works1
hydraulic compost turner works2

The working principle of a Hydraulic compost turner involves several key steps that facilitate efficient composting of organic materials.

Firstly, the machine is positioned over the compost pile or windrow. The hydraulic system powers the turning mechanism, which consists of rotating blades or drums. As the blades rotate, they lift and turn the compost material, ensuring thorough mixing and aeration.

Secondly, the crawler walking mechanism allows the turner to move along the pile, ensuring even processing and coverage. Variable turning speeds can be adjusted based on the composting requirements and material conditions, providing flexibility and control during operation.

Then, as the compost is turned and mixed, oxygen is introduced into the pile, facilitating aerobic decomposition. This process promotes the activity of aerobic microorganisms, which break down organic matter into stable compost.

Finally, the turner’s adjustable pile width and height capabilities accommodate different pile configurations and sizes, optimizing the composting process. The high processing capacity of Hydraulic Compost Turners allows for the efficient handling of large volumes of compost, increasing productivity.

We are a professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, tailor-made organic fertilizer production line solutions for you.

Features of Hydraulic Compost Turner

High Processing Cpacity

Security System

Durable Construction

Energy Saving

  1. Hydraulic System: Utilizes a hydraulic system for efficient and powerful operation.
  2. Adjustable Turning Speed: Allows for variable turning speeds to suit different composting needs.
  3. Crawler Walking Mechanism: Equipped with crawler tracks for easy mobility and navigation over compost piles.
  4. Variable Pile Width and Height: Can handle variable pile widths and heights, accommodating different composting setups.
  5. High Processing Capacity: Capable of processing large volumes of compost per hour, enhancing productivity.
  6. Low Energy Consumption: Designed for energy efficiency, reducing operational costs.
  7. Durable Construction: Built with sturdy materials for durability and longevity.
  8. Automatic Control System: Some models feature automatic controls for precise operation and monitoring.

Application of Compost Windrow Turner

organic fertilizer raw materials

Our hydraulic compost products have many everyday uses and applications, such as:

  1. Organic waste: Used to utilize various organic wastes such as animal manure, crop straw, and municipal solid waste.
  2. Agriculture: Improve soil health and fertility by incorporating composted organic matter into farmland, promoting better plant growth, water retention, and nutrient uptake.
  3. Animal husbandry: Use composted manure as nutritious bedding for livestock to reduce odor.
  4. Soil Improvement: Incorporates composted organic matter into soil, enhancing soil structure, fertility, and nutrient content.
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