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How Much Does An Organic Fertilizer Factory Cost?

Organic fertilizer production line-organic fertilizer plant cost

What are the prospects for building an organic fertilizer processing plant?

The demand for organic fertilizers is gradually increasing, prompting many agricultural producers and investors to consider establishing their organic fertilizer production plants. However, when contemplating the initiation of organic fertilizer production, cost becomes a crucial factor that requires careful attention.

The investment in constructing an organic fertilizer plant is variable and is often influenced by various factors such as the selection of raw materials, fertilizer shapes, production capacity, equipment configuration, and the choice of fertilizer equipment manufacturers. Regardless of your budget for organic fertilizer production, you can find suitable solutions for your business plan at ABC Machinery. We also offer professional custom design services to meet your specific requirements for the organic fertilizer production plant.

How much investment does it take to build an organic fertilizer plant?

A simple production cost of several hundred thousand yuan is enough. Those with a higher degree of automation and larger output will cost $16,000.00 – $26,000.00.

For poultry or livestock farmers, recycling organic fertilizer waste is a great way to make a fortune. The ratio of production raw materials to finished granular fertilizer is three to one. In short, if you run a farm capable of producing 60 tons of animal manure, you can get 20 tons of organic fertilizer. Therefore, for poultry or livestock farm operators, the manufacture of organic fertilizers not only benefits the environment but also brings them additional profits. After deducting the costs of rainproof steel structure greenhouse construction, organic fertilizer raw materials, worker wages, and other costs, the investment can usually be recovered within 4 to 6 months, and profits can be achieved within half a year. This industry is highly rewarding and profitable.

What is the process of building an organic fertilizer plant?

When establishing a company, the business scope must include formal titles such as “organic fertilizer”, “organic fertilizer production line”, “organic fertilizer equipment”, “bio-organic fertilizer”, etc. After obtaining the business license, you must complete all the procedures required by the company, including tax registration, enterprise code determination, company account handling, etc.

Prepare a feasibility study report on organic fertilizer production enterprises and submit it to the local Industry and Information Technology Bureau (Industrial Information Technology Committee project approval)

Find a company with environmental assessment qualifications to conduct environmental pollution assessment

Look for a strong organic fertilizer manufacturer, pay attention to product quality, after-sales service, and other factors, and purchase equipment to put into production.

An enterprise that intends to develop in the long term must apply for its trademark and build its brand.

Product self-inspection. Make your own repeated tests to ensure that your products can meet relevant national standards. On this basis, submit a registration application to the agricultural functional department.

Key organic fertilizer equipments

1. Factory building: at least 2,500 square meters, including fermentation tank area, raw material manure storage area, fermented organic fertilizer processing and packaging area, finished organic fertilizer storage area, etc.

2. Compost equipment: ① If the model 11FFG-90 organic fertilizer fermentation tank is used, the price for 1-4 sets is $165,840.00, and the price for >= 5 sets is $162,523.00. Capacity: Can deal 8-12 tons of manure/set. Power (watt) 42KW-52KW. Applicable industries: production workshops, food and beverage processing plants, farms, energy and minerals, restaurants, Chicken, duck, goose, and cattle farms

②. If the crawler self-propelled compost turner is used, the price of each machine is $10,448.00- $10,821.00. It can be directly piled on the ground for fermentation, with a capacity of 500-700m³/h.

compost turner
compost turner case

3. Fertilizer crusher machine: The fertilizer crusher machine is crushed to more than 40 mesh. The finer the crushing, the more beautiful the granulation will be in the later stage. Prices range from $2,800.00-$3,000.00, depending on production volume.

4. Organic fertilizer granulator: The prepared fertilizer elements are centrifugally aggregated to agglomerate the flour into particles under the action of machinery. We offer four types of granulator equipment, with the rotary drum granulator being the most popular by far. The processing capacity is 1-1.5t/h, and the price is $40,000.00 – $600,000.00.

rotary drum granulator
rotary drum granulator
Organic fertilizer finished granules
Organic fertilizer finished granules

5. Fertilizer packing machine production capacity is 20 bags/min.

fertilizer packing machine
fertilizer packing machine

6. Conveyor: Configure belt conveyor, bucket elevator, or screw conveyor according to the actual needs of the customer. Depending on the length of the conveyor, a production line generally requires two conveyor belts of about 10 meters, each priced at $4,700.00 – $4,800.00.

conveyor belt
conveyor belt

Investment Analysis

To sum up, the above is the analysis of project data about opening an organic fertilizer processing plant. I suggest that everyone pays attention to two points: one is raw material procurement; the other is marketing. These two aspects are very critical. In short, as the same saying goes, starting a business is risky, and investing needs to be cautious in production and promoting organic agriculture, investing in an organic fertilizer processing plant is a venture with immense potential.

No matter which compost equipment you choose, ABCMachinery can develop a feasible plan for you.


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