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Compost Equipment

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We offer various models of composting equipment to meet the different needs and sizes of our customers. Whether it is organic waste on a domestic, agricultural, or industrial scale, we have a composter for you. Our composter has high processing efficiency and can quickly convert organic waste into high-quality compost, providing users with a convenient composting solution.

Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank for Sale

ABC Machinery provides four types of organic fertilizer fermentation tanks: high-temperature aerobic fermentation tanks, livestock and poultry manure fermentation tanks, urban sludge fermentation tanks, and food waste fermentation tanks. Transform organic waste into valuable organic fertilizer through aerobic fermentation.

fermentation tank

Technical Parameters of Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank

Tank height 8440 mm Tank diameter 5500 mm
Tank volume height 3900 mm Minimum floor area 55 m³
Tank volume 86 m³ Bottom blower 11*2 km. h
Treatment capacity 7~10 m³/day Output 3~4.5 m³/day
Daily water consumption 1m³(kw.h) Power Supply 380V50Hz
Hopper volume 1.35 Hydraulic station 7.5+2.2 kw
Induced draft fan 3 km/h Spray Tower 1.5 kw/h
Auxiliary heater 4 km/h Discharge device 2.2 kw/h
Installed Power 43.5 Operating power About 25 kw/h

Working Principle of Fermentation Tank

The overall configuration of the fermentation tank for organic fertilizer is segmented into three main parts. The lower base section incorporates essential elements such as the wave pressure station, vortex air pump, oil cylinder, heating system, and stirring shaft. 

The central section comprises a dual-layer insulated tank, an automatic control system, and an outlet mechanism. Constructed with a 304 stainless steel plate inner wall and a polyurethane foam insulation layer in the middle, the tank’s outer wall is supported by a thickened steel plate. Positioned above the tank are a weather shed, a testing platform, and exhaust facilities. Additional features include an automatic bucket elevator, an exhaust gas filtration and deodorization system, and a heat exchange system.


Compost Turner for Sale

The compost turner is used for the fermentation of organic fertilizers before the pelleting process. Suitable for various organic fertilizer raw materials: such as animal manure, municipal sludge, straw, industrial waste gas, bacterial residue, wine troughs, and other domestic waste. The equipment can be used in open spaces or workshop greenhouses. In an environment of high temperature and humidity, organic waste accelerates the decomposition process of organic matter and converts the waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer.


Technical Parameters of Compost Turner

Model SL-2300 SL-2600  SL-3000 SL-3000A
Turning Width 2300 mm 2600 mm 3000 mm 3000 mm
Turning height 600-1000 mm 1100-1300 mm 1300-1500 mm 1600-1800 mm
Working Speed 6-10m/min 6-10m/min 6-10m/min 6-10m/min
Power 75 kw 116 kw 136 kw 143 kw
Capacity 500-700m³/h 1000-1200m³/h 1300-1500m³/h 1500-1800m³/h

Working Principle of Compost Turner


Compost turners are typically equipped with rotating blades or paddles that are driven by a motor. As the compost turner moves through the compost pile, the blades or paddles agitate the material, breaking up clumps and promoting the mixing of oxygen-rich air with the organic matter. This agitation and aeration help to accelerate the decomposition process by providing oxygen to aerobic microorganisms, which break down organic materials into compost. Additionally, the turning action helps to redistribute moisture and heat within the compost pile, creating optimal conditions for microbial activity.

Organic fertilizer fermentation tank VS. compost turner

Comprehensively consider the type, scale, processing needs and expected fermentation effect of organic waste, and flexibly select organic fertilizer fermentation tanks or copmost turning machines according to specific circumstances. Learn more…

Item Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Compost Turner
Odor Treatment Yes, our fermentation tank is a closed structure and equipped with a deodorization system to remove odors No, the raw materials are exposed to the air, and workers and the surrounding people need to tolerate the odors
Processing Time Only need 7 days Needs at least 15-30 days
Space Occupied 60㎡ Needs hundreds of square meters with the same capacity
Continuous Processing Yes, if using our method, customers can input raw material every day and get the final product every day No, it’s batch production. Customers have to input raw materials at least every 15-30 days, which means they can get one batch every 15-30 days
Organic fertilizer production line successful cases:
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